Useful Azerbaijani Vocabulary

He / Yox (Ha/Yok) – Yes / No

These are informal ways to say yes and no. Or use the Russian Da or Nyet.

Tualet haradador (Tua-let ha-rad-da-dor) / Where’s the toilet?

What can be worse than not knowing tualet haradador when you need to use it really badly?

Salam (Sah-lahm) / Hello

Every Azerbaijani will use Salam as a greeting, whether they are meeting friends or getting a ticket at the bus station.

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Like all Turkic languages, Azerbaijani is agglutinative, meaning that grammatical relations are indicated by the addition of suffixes to stems.


Azerbaijani lexicon is basically Turkic. Like other Islamic languages, it has been strongly influenced by Arabic. Northern Azerbaijani has many borrowings from Russian.


Azerbaijani has a rich literary tradition. The earliest literature in the language dates back to the 16th century. The first newspaper in the language was published in 1875.

Fun Azerbaijani Grammar

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